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#TRENDTUESDAY: Plait Behavior

Posted on January 12 2016

Ok, let's be frank, braids aren't just for your elementary school pics anymore and while we admit we hated our moms tugging our hair into pigtails back then, we are in full support of these new age hair (most def.) dos.  Take a peek at some of our favs and get to braiding #UEBaes because this trend is the best way to turn a dirty hair day into 8 hours worth of compliments in the office.

plait behavior braid inspo

image via

 plait behavior brain insp

 plait behavior braid inspo

plait behavior braid inspo

Full disclosure, we pulled all of these incredible braid inspos and then just stared at them with googly eyes, oogling over the fact that anyone could ever actually construct them because if you're like us, we aren't exactly skilled in the hair department.  BUT, this heavenly little goddess has the best tutorials (click here) and we are officially in love with her hair, style, ridiculously killer looks.  Let's be real, Amber Fillerup Clark is a total babe AND she holds all the secrets and in depth tutorials to mastering the most ah-mazing braids!  PSSSSSSS....her tutorials inspired this week's #newarrivals hair!  





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