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Hangin' with Rad+Refined's Jacqueline Rezak

Posted on June 24 2015

Photo via Vijat Mohindra


We sat down with the visionary behind Rad+Refined's sunglasses, Jacqueline Rezak, to get the deets on the brand and her rad shade designs packed with attitude.


Describe Rad+Refined in 3 words.

Fearless, Sexy, Effortless


What came first, celebrity styling or Rad+Refined?

Celebrity Styling.


Who is the coolest person you have spotted wearing Rad+Refined sunglasses?  How crazy is it to see your creations all over social media?

Coolest person would be Miley Cyrus.  She is definitely fearless and effortlessly rad.  It feels really good to know that I am able to put something out there that allows women to have fun with their style.  Rad+Refined has become a term to describe a certain type of style and it is crazy to think that I created that "style" with my designs and styling.


Photo via @MileyCyrus/Twitter


What is the craziest thing you have done while wearing Rad+Refined?

Well, I am ALWAYS wearing Rad+Refined, so I will let you use your imagination :)


Your shades are modern, edgy and oh so relevant, what has been your favorite pair to create?  What inspired the design?

My favorite pair is the "Unicorn Queen".  Something about the rainbows and candy land vibe brings me back to my childhood and badass sticker collection.


The ice cream shades are ah-mazing!  If you had 30 seconds to style these sunnies, what is your go-to style tips to incorporate these into the perfect summer outfit?

These shades make me think of a summertime BBQ.  My first instinct would be to pair these with a classic pair of denim cutoffs (I love One Teaspoon shorts), a basic white tank top and a pair of sandals, like birkenstocks or summer flats. 




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